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Everyone talks about their passion for what they do which is tricky, ‘cos we are passionate about what we do… so how do you convey that without sounding like everyone else? Hmmm… how about:

We have a strong and barely controlled emotion for learning and getting to the heart of what it is that motivates people to learn.
— Us

Who we are

Mark and Richard - a creative team sharing a single purpose - Make learning “sticky”.

CURIOSITY is at the heart of all learning:

The learner asks, ‘ What if I ..? ‘ or, ‘ What would happen if ..? ’

We asked ourselves, What if we combined the tools and practical insights taken from 20 years experience in the education and corporate training sector… and InteractIF was born.


Director of LEARNING & Digital Design

Mark Sant

Mark is hi-tech and obsessed with design. He’s the one you call when you want something to look cool or do something interesting. Mark’s extensive grounding in corporate training and adult learning means the learner is at the forefront of every decision. He is prepared to go to the mat to ensure his interactive activities are engaging… and don’t suck. He’s a triple threat: computer nerd, creative genius and that guy who can turn a, ‘Why am I wasting my time here?’ training session into one where you come out feeling, ‘Wow, that was worth it!’




Richard Edge

Richard is interested… in everything. He reads voraciously - his bedside table groans under the weight of the books he has on the go. He has a way of getting people excited about whatever he is excited about at the moment. Richard’s extensive education experience and his insights into how people learn are complemented by his creative flights of fancy. He’ll sit with you to create and develop an engaging solution to your learning needs… and you’ll have a laugh along the way.


Whilst we work in the digital space - if you would prefer catching up face to face, or voice to voice - feel free to contact us for a chat.

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