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Learning experience Design

WHAT IF you could focus on the learner experience and create courses that enhance it?

Blending lessons from the school of hard knocks and data-driven insights, we marry design and learning theory to ensure what we are conveying is relevant, holds learners’ attention and is actually useful.

Let’s collaborate… or let us know what you want, and we’ll get on with it.

blended & micro-learning

WHAT IF you could make learning stick?

What a person will experience subjectively is tricky to quantify - we have a range of strategies and techniques which enhance ‘learning permanence’. From scripting to story-boarding, presenting and filming -

We can be your one-stop-creative-shop for learning tools and resources.

xapi - shareable content

WHAT IF you were able to learn anywhere, on any device and you could capture learning information as it happened?

We are all about communication and return on investment. What’s the point of a learning program if you’re not able to determine - who is learning; when the learning took place; what the learner experienced; and how they responded.

Let us help you find training initiatives that work.


WHAT IF you partnered with a team who were skilled in Articulate Suite, LMS design, Adobe suite Graphic / web design, LMS user and implementation experience (Moodle, Canvas and TalentLMS)?

Eternally curious when it comes to design and technology innovation, we are always on the hunt for new ways to do what we do.

Curious? so are we - let’s work together.


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